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Welcome to RAD's Cloud Backup Solution

  • Canadian based Data Center
  • We deliver 99.999% availability
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Military-grade protection - up to 448 Blowfish
  • Easy Backup and Restore Process 
  • Restore single file or Entire System
  • OS Supported: Microsoft, Linux, and OS X
  • MS Exchange, SQL, VMware, and more
  • Bare Metal or Virtual Recovery
  • Retention History up to 30days - No Extra Cost

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Data protection is a constant battle between choosing a service and trusting its reliability. With Rad's Cloud Backup, your data is encrypted at the file level for each file involved, before the backup takes place. Military-grade protection for your data - up to 448 Blowfish.



Time consumtion is always a major factor when businesses are on the move. With Cloud Backup, set up a unique schedule for all your necessities, and get back the time you deserve.


Todays businesses are constantly growing in size. Whether it be personnel or data based space, the more you have causes increased expenses. We offer a Pay-As-You-Grow, contractless payment method that gets the best bang for your buck.
Super Fast


True Delta Technology means super-fast back up and no-nonsense data retrieval. Running invisibly in the background, this is a set-and-forget solution. You will be blown away with the light bandwidth load, No more waiting around for backups to complete or files to recover.
  • The Best Cloud Solution

    Have you ever needed to prepare a presentation for a meeting, and right when you need your perfect work its lost, or corrupted? What if you had a way to get it back, would it take you hours of unnecessary waiting, keeping your colleagues and boss from moving on?


    With Cloud Backup, you can feel relieved your work will be ready for your meeting, or event, or whatever you need it for, whenever, wherever.

  • With Cloud Backup

    We can guarantee your satisfaction through our cloud backup technology.


    One thing that makes businesses happy is a product that works; We take that to heart when it comes to Cloud Backup, and made sure to perfect your product.


    With a combined 30+ years of support and business experience, we understand a wide range of common problems that occur in the work place. We have made sure our product can accomidate to most, if not all those common problems with a sophisticated, tangible, yet simple backup solution.

  • Scenario Ready

    Worried that your SQL server won't backup properly, don't be! Not quite sure if your servers are proper to backup yet, and have virtual environments set up with working business structures and configurations, well we can back that up aswell!


    Our Cloud Backup solution will accomidate all your file troubles by being readily available to all environments out there.

    From Microsoft to Linux, VMWare to Hyper-V, and even Oracle and MySQL, we have the means to make your backup happen!

Pay as you Grow

1 GB - 100 GB $1/GB
101 GB - 250 GB $0.85/GB
251 GB - 500 GB $0.70/GB

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